Open letter to the President of the International Court of Justice: Abuse of IT employees in Spain

Dear Mr. Abdulqawi Ahmed.

First of all thank you for listening to me. The reason for this letter is to denounce the injustice that is being committed in Spain with workers in the IT sector, which are summarized below.

  • The use of outsourcing of employees in Spain is being done fraudulently, to avoid the end-companies having to pay government taxes.
  • We are working permanently in the client’s offices, committing an illegal assignment of workers. Since the article 43.2 is breached, of the Spanish Workers’ Statute.
  • Our politicians and government representatives are also supposedly  not taking any action against the illegal cession and abuse of workers.
  • The Spanish justice system is supposedly omitting work inspections, since the illegal cession is normal and common in companies.
  • The workers of the consulting companies do not have trade unions protection, nor any type of labor right, reason why abuses are being committed; as the realization of unpaid overtime.
  • IT workers have to endure precarious work situations, with temporary and unstable jobs, without the possibility of a career in a company or prosper with our work.

For all these points, the workers of the Spanish IT area, represented by this website, we appeal to your honor Mr. Ahmed and to the International Court of Justice, to impart justice in Spain and protect our workers’ rights to a legal and dignified work.

Take this opportunity to appeal also to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Please help us!

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I support it too!

Isaac Dura

All my support to this letter.

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